Nathan Willis…

…is going to get to the bottom of this someday.

…may be on the living room floor, pretending to be a train, a train track, or a dinosaur.

…is starting to accept that he will always love the music of the 90’s and early 00’s and won’t understand when the younger generation does not recognize this era as a zenith of musical achievement.

…thinks low ABV beers might be the answer.

…writes short stories.

… is rewatching the entire series of Cheers for the fourth time. He is in the middle of season four and has come to the conclusion that with each viewing it becomes a little more problematic, but for the time, still not awful.

… is reading a Murakami novel and is slightly disappointed that it’s not like most of the other Murakami novel’s he’s read. But still. There is something familiar and comforting about it and he’ll take a minute to let it all ‘really settle in’ when he’s done.

… is a fiction reader for Outlook Springs.

… knows that it’s only a matter of time before its going to take more than dinosaur noises, train sounds and cartoon electrocutions to make his son smile. He doesn’t know what he is going to do when that day comes.

… tries his best to play along and pretend he not only appreciates but enjoys puns. This is a horrible plan. It only leads to more puns.

… would like to be referred to or thought of as a Good Cook even when he is not around.

…lives in Ohio.

…is a Browns fan and as such, has discovered dynamic, new levels of disappointment.