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Absurdly in depth reviews of movies, books and podcasts

Reading for a Literary Journal


How to deal with the annoying people of Facebook. Annoying probably isn’t the right word. Racist. Bigoted. Close-Minded. Those work. Don’t let them call it anything different. Unfriend them. Move on.

Tips on how to to painfully overthink just about anything


Medical Emergencies

Nonsense, Notes, and Nightmares

Product reviews, but probably only when something is REALLY good or REALLY bad

Social Criticisms


You know what. The longer this list gets the worse this idea sounds.

Forget this list. I’ll just type some shit each day and see what it turns into. Whatever it is, we’re starting low in just about every respect, so no matter what we’ll be punching up. And there’s our title.

Yes. The “we” is intentional and it’s staying. If you’re reading this then you’re guily, too. Plus it gives me a little bit of much needed narrative distance.

This whole thing makes me uncomfortable.